Comparing WiFi Thermostat Options For Your Home

September 22, 2023

Comparing WiFi Thermostat Options For Your Home


A WiFi thermostat allows you to control your HVAC system from anywhere that allows access to the internet. You can use your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other communication device.

Climate control, home electronics, appliances, and security systems are all being controlled online in modern smart homes. You can upgrade your home to enjoy many of these benefits.

Components of a WiFi Climate Control System  

Sensor Unit

This is placed in the same general location that a traditional thermostat would be mounted. The sensor sends information it collects to the receiver to make adjustments by controlling heating and cooling components. These components can be wireless to eliminate the need for new hard wiring when upgrading to a WiFi system.

Receiving Unit

The signals sent by the sensor are converted to mechanical energy to turn the HVAC on or off as required by temperature fluctuations. The receiver is usually mounted near the heating and cooling unit.

Wireless Unit

A device is plugged into your wall outlet for power and connected to an internet modem which allows internet access. Most internet service providers are compatible with the possible exception of older dialup systems which may require an adapter.


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Many options are available for modern WiFi thermostat systems besides basic control of your HVAC operation.

Here are useful functions that can improve your system efficiency, improve the comfort level of your home, and help you handle routine maintenance tasks.

1. Programmable Control

This option allows you to enter settings for different temperatures for various days of the week and times of the day. Touch screen thermostats with bright easy-to-read screens are an advantage of these thermostats.

Modern upscale systems are available that even allow separate control for each room in your home. This feature can result in significant savings in your utility expenses.

2. Worldwide Access

The potential to control your heating system from anywhere that WiFi is available is a huge benefit. If you are leaving for a vacation and forget to make adjustments to your thermostat programming, just use your smartphone to access your WiFi thermostat to make changes and keep the heating and cooling costs low while you are away.

You may be working and have your system set to a lower comfort setting until you get home, but receive word that a relative or friend will be arriving before you. Adjustments can be made to increase the comfort setting earlier than originally programmed into your system. Just use your smartphone and make the necessary changes. These are several examples of how internet access along with programmable capability can make your life easier.

3. Extra Features

Additional features available are the ability to receive email alerts sent to your smartphone or other communication device. This allows you to be notified if there is a problem with the heating or cooling system. The issue can then be resolved quickly which may save a major repair expense.

Emails can also make you aware when regular maintenance tasks are necessary. Several models allow sensors to be placed throughout your home which can sense warm or cold areas and teach the thermostat, using a learning feature, to maintain a consistent temperature.


The many useful features of WiFi thermostats make the initial installation expense worthwhile enabling you to recoup your investment over time.

Today's smart homes have WiFi capability for climate control along with lighting and other features. Upgrading your current home to WiFi thermostat control can help assure you maintain a comfortable living environment and control your utility expenses for the well being of your family.

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