Making Veterans Lives Easier One Home at a Time

September 2, 2023

Purple Heart Homes helps renovate or provide homes for disabled veterans. They raise "funds for all approved and vetted projects through donations of money, labor and materials." 

As a HVAC service, we felt compelled to help a veteran and give back to the community. Recently donating and installing a furnace, air conditioner, and duct system was the right thing to do. Having never served in the military I felt I owed something to those who had. 

You can read more on the rehabbed home here.  

Purple Heart Homes

  • a nonprofit organization that helps disabled veterans who have various housing issues.
  • ranging from finding them a new home to modifing an existing home
  • communities come together to thank veterans for their service and sacrifice 

So much happens after a Veteran comes back from war and is now on his or her own to deal with life’s realities.

Watch the video below to feel the passion co-founder Dale Beatty, of Purple Heart Homes expresses with his relentless mission to help veterans adjust to life again and home ownership. 

Ensuring quality of life is important to our vets as is to Central Heating and Air Conditioning. You can learn more about Purple Heart Homes on their Facebook page.

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