Start Spring Cleaning With a Spring Air Conditioning Check

September 21, 2023

Start Spring Cleaning With a Spring Air Conditioning Check


It's that time of year again — spring cleaning is the topic on every homeowner's mind. Spring ushers in a time of change, plenty of sunshine and fresh air.

Bring the fresh spring air into your home and prepare your central air system for the hot summer days by tackling your HVAC maintenance checklist first.

Welcome Clean, Spring Air with HVAC Maintenance

Professional heating and air conditioning maintenance is a smart investment for your home and your family's health. Seasonal maintenance will help to ensure your system is working properly and that you don't get stuck with costly emergency repairs or replacements further down the line.

Follow this easy spring air conditioning checklist with the help of your local HVAC technician to ensure the best system efficiency and air quality in your home this year.

Replace Filters

This regular maintenance step is one that homeowners can easily complete on their own. Simply change out the air filter according to your system's guidelines. Most HVAC air filters need to be changed once per month or once every three months to maintain proper functionality and air quality. The photo below indicates the area of your furnace where your filter is usually located.


Outdoor Maintenance

Grab the family and get to work outdoors by removing leaves, twigs and pollen from the sides and tops of your air conditioning unit and heat pumps. This is also the season to be aware of grass clippings from the lawnmower. Make sure no loose clippings are allowed to pile up around the unit to prevent overheating or clogging.

Indoor Maintenance

Similar to your outdoor cleaning duties, the indoor air vents and units need to be kept clean and free of debris in order to work their best. Take the time to vacuum and clean all air vents around the home and vacuum the area outside of the HVAC unit (usually in your basement or utility room) as well.

Schedule a Pre-Season Check-Up

Now that the weather is changing, it is time to schedule a spring check-up or inspection with your local HVAC technician. Professional heating and cooling specialists can check your system for leaks or holes and they will also give the system a good cleaning. Important working parts of the heating and air conditioning system will be cleaned and lubricated to ensure maximum efficiency all during the warm spring and summer months.

This preventive maintenance is necessary to keep the system working at its best and in some cases, to save your warranty. Certain HVAC systems actually require regularly scheduled maintenance annually to keep the warranty valid. If this maintenance schedule isn't kept up to date, your warranty may be voided.

Keep Your Family Cool All Season Long

Aside from being a part of your spring cleaning routine, a spring air conditioning check is important to help keep your energy costs down while keeping you and your family comfortable all season long. Follow these simple HVAC maintenance steps along with the help of your local HVAC technician, to enjoy all that the spring season of change has to offer.

Our helpful e-book below is a home comfort guide that can give you both heating and cooling tips to ensure you have the information to stay comfortable in all seasons.

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