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We're Trane Certified Comfort Specialists Wilson Heating and Air Conditioning Co. is one of Cleveland's premier heating and cooling service providers. We're Trane Certified Comfort Specialists. Since 1988, we've helped thousands of homeowners throughout Cleveland, Ohio with their heating and cooling needs. We understand our area, climate and the unique needs of your home.  We've helped thousands of Northeast, Ohio homeowners with their heating and cooling service, installation, repair, and maintenance needs over the past 25 years. Here are a just a few reasons to work with us: #1 Brand Systems like Trane, Fujitsu, Aprilaire, Nortiz, and more. Thorough, knowledgeable staff that listens to your requests and concerns, and they will openly provide you with the information you need. Outstanding reputation in the industry and area. We have an A+ record with the Better Business Bureau that goes back 19+ years. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that includes and additional Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. You don't pay the final bill until we've passed inspection. Not all HVAC companies are created equal. The decision you make is one that has to last for 20 to 25 years. Make sure you do your due diligence and compare companies thoroughly. There's a difference between price and cost. Wilson Heating & Air Conditioning Co.

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243 Richmond Rd.
Richmond Hts. Ohio, 44143

Local: (216) 359-1846

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243 Richmond Rd.
Richmond Hts. Ohio, 44143
8AM - 5PM, Mon to Fri
(216) 359-1846
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