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Mini split installation

The Best Mini Split Installation Service in Boston, Ohio

Central is the top choice for mini-split installation services in Boston, Ohio because of the high-quality work, dedication to customer satisfaction, and professional approach to every installation job. At Central, all of its technicians have received specialized training and are highly proficient in both commercial and residential mini-split systems. They have the expertise and experience to get any job done right the first time. All technicians are carefully screened and certified by the North American Technician Excellence as well as the Environmental Protection Agency. Central also offers a wide range of mini-split models for both commercial and residential applications. From traditional split systems to ductless systems, its technicians are trained to install, service, and maintain all models of mini-split systems. With today's energy efficient systems, Central provides the latest technology of mini-splits on the market, to maximize energy savings and improve the performance of your climate control system. Plus, Central is renowned for its fast, efficient, and clean installation process. Its technicians stay on-site until the installation is complete and any debris has been removed. Customers are always kept informed so they can be assured that the installation is going according to plan. Finally, its commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched. All technicians are committed to exceeding customer expectations at all times and strive for complete customer satisfaction. This is backed by Central's unconditional satisfaction guarantee and offers a great protection to customers. Overall, Central provides the highest quality mini-split installation services in Boston, Ohio. Their highly trained technicians, vast selection of models, efficient installation process, and commitment to customer satisfaction make Central the perfect choice for any mini-split system installation.

Do I Need A Professional to Install a Mini Split?

The average installation time for a mini-split system is between four and six hours, depending on the complexity of the system and the specific home layout. A simpler installation will likely be on the lower end of that spectrum, while a more complex setup could take closer to six hours. Factors that can speed up the process include an existing electrical setup that is suitable for the mini-split system, as well as any existing ductwork, if applicable. Conversely, factors that can add to the installation time include the need for additional equipment, such as extra wiring or insulation, or any additional modifications that need to be made to existing ductwork. At Central, our technicians are highly experienced and committed to providing efficient and high-quality service to ensure our customers' satisfaction. We use our expertise and your specific requirements to ensure the installation process is as streamlined as possible, so our customers can enjoy their mini-split system as soon as possible.