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For over 60 years, Central Plumbing has been an anchor of trust and reliability in the West Salem, Ohio community. We take tremendous pride in our team of licensed, background-checked, and meticulously trained technicians, all of whom have gone through rigorous training to be subject matter experts in their field. It doesn't end there: Our technicians are also experts in local codes and regulations, as well as ensuring all the work they do is of the highest standards—whether it's installing a pipe or taking necessary preventative maintenance measures. We understand that, to our customers, customer service is just as important as technical expertise. That's why Central's team is known for providing friendly and punctual service, all the while ensuring excellence and precision in every task they undertake. And it's why Central Plumbing has stellar ratings, customer reviews, and awards such as being an Angie certified company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, as well as being voted a Neighborhood Favorite on We guarantee 100% satisfaction and our commitment to maximising eco-friendly solutions for all of our customers means we’re more than just a plumbing service provider; we’re an ally dedicated to providing dependable and sustainable solutions. At Central Plumbing, we are proud to be West Salem, Ohio's trusted plumber, and it motivates us to continue to deliver excellent work and customer-centric solutions in light of our community's needs.

How Much Do Plumbers Charge per Hour in West Salem, Ohio?

When it comes to plumbing services, there are a few things to keep in mind in terms of costs. First and foremost, the type of service you require will affect the price. For example, a simple fix might cost less than a more complex repair. Additionally, the location of the plumbing issue can also impact the cost. For example, if the issue is located in a hard-to-reach place, it might cost more to fix. Other factors that can influence the cost of plumbing services include the time of day and the availability of the plumber. For example, if you need a plumbing technician outside of normal business hours, it might cost more. However, at Central, we are proud to offer our clients affordable, value-driven services. Our team of expert plumbers are reliable and experienced, and we are committed to offering our customers the best possible service at a fair price. To learn more about our pricing, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for choosing Central!

What Happens on a Typical Plumbing Service Call?

Central has been a trusted name in the Northeast Ohio plumbing industry for over 60 years. Their unrivaled reputation for a job well done is mirrored in the experienced, certified plumbers that are dispatched on service calls. When Central is on the job, customers can expect a service experience that is both professional and courteous. On a typical service call, the Central plumber arrives punctually and in appropriate uniform. With years of experience and rigorous training, they are well-equipped to handle a wide variety of plumbing issues. The Central plumber expertly assesses the issue and provides the customer with an explanation of the root cause of the issue and the steps they plan to take. They take care to minimize disruption and inconvenience during the repair and are happy to answer any questions the customer may have. They then proceed to perform the repair work with the utmost care and attention to detail. After the repair is complete, they ensure that the customer is fully informed of the work performed and offer any preventative measure advice if applicable. In order to leave the customer's space as pristine as it was before, they take care to clean up thoroughly before departing. In addition to resolving any plumbing issue in an efficient and professional manner, Central plumbers also provide customers with the peace of mind that only comes with choosing a trusted name in the industry. With Central's proven 60 years of excellence, customers can rest assured that their repair will be performed with the same level of precision and customer service that has given Central its standing in the greater Northeast Ohio community. An experienced and certified plumber will adhere to the highest standards of care and attention in order to provide a swift resolution with the utmost satisfaction.